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Manipulations + framed prints

Skjermbilde 2013-10-31 kl. 17.42.59   Skjermbilde 2013-10-31 kl. 17.42.50

Some new photos and photomanipulations I made. Currently I’m framing and decorating most of them (preview at the bottom of this post). Mostly to decorate my wall and my new apartment, which I don’t have yet, since I’m moving out in february. But I’ll be selling some of them as well. Some of my earlier work is already featured in an online POD fine art shop, and selling some artwork myself is actually on my “todo before I emigrate”-list. Just contact me if you want to know more, but an ‘official’ post will follow I guess. I’m a bit scared about it though…

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(self)portraits, Conceptual, Photography

White Witch & Horrors

Made two new photomanipulations the last few days! The first one is titled “White Witch”, second one “Horrors”. Though I think art doesn’t really need a title. It’s the story, visuals and the work that’s important. Not how you label it.
Both are available for sale at, makers of the stockphotos are credited there.