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First of all I want to say that I haven’t got too much time to blog lately, mainly because I’m so busy with school. We’re having four (big) projects running at the moment, all to be handed in around the same time: two by the end of december and two early january. So far I’ve used the only ‘free’ moments I had to work on a new portfolio, which I also want to have up and running somewhere in december. Gonna be awesome.

Anyways, here are some pictures of a few weeks back, taken at the “Rebootweek” (schooltrip/project week) with school in Kasterlee.

Skjermbilde 2013-11-29 kl. 22.26.01     Skjermbilde 2013-11-29 kl. 22.24.34
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School + personal work

Skjermbilde 2013-10-09 kl. 18.47.47

As I may have said in one of my previous posts, I’m quite busy with school right now. We have lots of awesome courses, already had to hand in some projects and still have a lot of other assignments to do. Besides that, I’m also working hard to find an internship. But I really wanted to do a quick update here and show you some stuff.

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Collages Affligem Beer


Beer cult. Collages in function of a website, app and promo video for school assignment (Major Atelier III). We need to invent an attempt for a world record, to promote a certain product. I chose to promote the local beer Affligem by having a world record ‘hop picking’. About this event we need to make a website, app and promo video.
Here are three collages I use on the promo website. I combined my own photos with photos from 70 years ago or something. It shows how the local people live for hop and beer, how they worship their beer and gather to pick and dry the hop. It has almost become a religion.
I think the images explain it all 🙂

Oh, and a website sneak peek on instagram: http://instagram.com/p/UrG6KFEHmD/

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Cross Media Design & Motion

Motion – ABC

Motion i – ABC from Sarah Van Neyghem on Vimeo.

Cross Media Design – Captain

CMDI – eindopdracht from Sarah Van Neyghem on Vimeo.

Cross Media Design – Captain (screenshots)

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Major Atelier III

Website: http://student.howest.be/sarah.van.neyghem/20122013/MAIII/FEEST/

Video: https://vimeo.com/53780075

MAIII – Feestdag, narcisme from Sarah Van Neyghem on Vimeo.


“Bedenk je eigen feestdag of feestperiode. Je bent hierin volledig vrij: schoenveterloze zondag, week van de courgette, noem maar op. Belangrijk is dat je een leuk thema bedenkt waarrond je een campagne kunt bedenken. Je bepaalt een vaste datum/periode voor je feestdag/periode. Om deze aan te kondigen zal je een site op poten zetten en een tv spot maken. Zorg ervoor dat het idee & de sfeer van de dag/periode aanwezig is in zowel de site als de tv-spot. Van de website maak je een een tekstueel verslag waarin je je concept uitlegt, de flow in de website beschrijft en een vergelijking maakt van de website in de 5 verschillende browsers (IE8, IE9, Chrome, Safari, Firefox). ”