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[WIP] New businesscards/identity

[WIP] New businesscards/identity

Work in progress. Trying out some new designs for business cards, my older ones are way too outdated. What do you think?

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So a while back I opened a society6 and a redbubble account. I’m not very active on redbubble, but I try to be on s6. Also, a french company called Post-Art contacted me to sell a few of my works. Check it all out:


If there are works of me you would like to see on Society6 or RedBubble and that aren’t yet, please let me know, I’ll upload them.

Also, feel free to contact me to work together! In a month and a half school is over for three months so I have plenty of time to do any kind of freelance work and concentrate me more on my photography.

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Moon Phase App

Moon Phase from Sarah Van Neyghem on Vimeo.

Promo video of my first assignment for Cross Media Design II @ Devine, Howest. My first ‘real’ design for mobile. We had to create an app for people who really believe in the paranormal. I invented an app that can ‘read’ and understand what’s in your agenda, then it uses the moon phases to calculate when you best perform your actions. I tried to give it a vintage touch, as it would be part of an old book or movie.