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School + personal work

Skjermbilde 2013-10-09 kl. 18.47.47

As I may have said in one of my previous posts, I’m quite busy with school right now. We have lots of awesome courses, already had to hand in some projects and still have a lot of other assignments to do. Besides that, I’m also working hard to find an internship. But I really wanted to do a quick update here and show you some stuff.

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White Witch & Horrors

Made two new photomanipulations the last few days! The first one is titled “White Witch”, second one “Horrors”. Though I think art doesn’t really need a title. It’s the story, visuals and the work that’s important. Not how you label it.
Both are available for sale at http://society6.com/sarahvn, makers of the stockphotos are credited there.