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[roadtrip] First days

Hi there! This is going to be a very short and quick post, as I am short on time. However, I really wanted to make a post about this because it’s all so exciting. I am on the road since early saturday morning, and I will be until sunday night. The next day I will be making pictures (and having fun) at a local cycling race and the next weekend I’ll leave to Oslo for a private course Norwegian!

Back to the roadtrip. I’ve already visited Germany and a part of Poland. The upcoming days I’ll be seeing much more Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. My first stay overnight was in the Radisson Blu hotel in Merseburg, a small town somewhere in Germany. And although it looked pretty dead it had a few nice surprises for me. One of them being a beautiful church (I love churches!).


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Urbex session nr. 3

My third Urbex session. This time to an abandoned castle. I tried to make any HDR images (which are very typical for Urbex imo, also shot a lot of HDR at my previous trips), instead I wanted to focus on the creepy atmosphere of the building. Hope you like it!

Also available on society6 btw!

Urbex01_Zwartwit3  Urbex02_Zwartwit3

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First time in Doel

First picture of my trip to Doel (abandoned town in Belgium). I’ve been wanting to do some urban exploration since years, but never had the time for it. Until last weekend! Exams were finished and my projectweek at school still had to start. Perfect time to wander around and visit some old buildings. Had a (really) quick look in an old factory in my town, and traveled to Doel afterwards. Hope to revisit both in a few weeks, with better equipment (tripod!) and – more important – better shoes and cheaper clothes. And hopefully better weather, it snowed all day!

Anyway, cause this week I had a lot of work for school I didn’t had the time to view or edit my pictures. I’m starting today, hope I can do them all by the end of the weekend, cause I leave to San Francisco afterwards! Here’s the first edited picture of Doel. Really liked seeing all those abandoned houses, almost creepy to see an entire town like that. Really need to visit places like that more often.


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Some more pictures from my trip to Tromsø this winter. And I still have a few hundreds more on my camera, but I’m to busy with school at the moment to edit them all.
About the northern lights: we had low-medium activity, but I’m still quite satisfied about my pictures. The Northern Lights weren’t the main reason for my trip, so it was a nice addition.