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[roadtrip] First days

Hi there! This is going to be a very short and quick post, as I am short on time. However, I really wanted to make a post about this because it’s all so exciting. I am on the road since early saturday morning, and I will be until sunday night. The next day I will be making pictures (and having fun) at a local cycling race and the next weekend I’ll leave to Oslo for a private course Norwegian!

Back to the roadtrip. I’ve already visited Germany and a part of Poland. The upcoming days I’ll be seeing much more Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. My first stay overnight was in the Radisson Blu hotel in Merseburg, a small town somewhere in Germany. And although it looked pretty dead it had a few nice surprises for me. One of them being a beautiful church (I love churches!).



DSC07006 DSC07001 DSC07007 DSC07012 DSC07009 DSC07016 DSC07018 DSC06985 DSC07039 DSC07051 DSC07076 DSC07089 DSC07096 DSC07115

Another thing was the beautiful park situated across our hotel. The park also gave access to the river, another park/path with statues, a bird spotting place and various old buildings. Nothing special, but more than enough for such a small town. If you need a place to stay in Germany for a night, a town like this is perfect. Close to the high way, hotels, a few pubs and some nice things to visit. I only stayed one night, so these were the only interesting things I noticed. However, it could have more to offer since it’s located close to other (bigger) cities, and I think the nature in this region could be interesting too.

DSC07136 DSC07087 DSC07082 DSC06936 DSC06923 DSC06942 DSC06937 DSC06943 DSC06950 DSC06955 DSC06959 DSC07144 DSC07127 DSC07151 DSC07170 DSC07175 DSC07180 DSC07162 DSC07161

From Merseburg we moved on to Poland and started with a two-night stay at the Angelo Hotel in Katowice. While driving to Katowice we made a few stops, one at Kąty Wrocławskie, a very small city located in Lower Silesian Voivodeship, south-west Poland. It was the first time I visited a town/city like that, so it was a bit of a shock for me. Everything looked so abandoned, dead and decayed, while it wasn’t dead at all. People were still living there, the ‘abandoned’ train station was still in use, but I still can’t believe that building was save. And again, it was a town that had to offer me a beautiful church and graveyard. To everyone who would ever visit Poland (by car): make a few stops in towns like that. It’s really interesting!

DSC07202 DSC07210 DSC07212 DSC07218 DSC07221 DSC07222 DSC07224 DSC07230 DSC07233 DSC07220 DSC07248 DSC07244 DSC07273 DSC07268 DSC07254 DSC07257 DSC07240 DSC07258 DSC07235

And that’s it for now! I will be blogging about Katowice, Auschwitz and Krakow later this week. And about Czermna, Prague and Wolfsburg/Autostad after the weekend. Oh and maybe I’ll re-upload the pictures (or re-edit some of them) when I get home. I’m on my laptop which hasn’t a lot of free space, and I’m using another version of lightroom/photoshop, without my own custom-made filters, presets and textures! And I lack time to edit them properly, some awesome pictures will be posted as soon as I get home. And all of the pictures I took will be uploaded on my flickr in high quality.

Stay tuned!


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