San Francisco Edited

A few weeks ago I went on a school trip to San Francisco. I took way too much pictures (+32GB)! I made a ‘small’ selection to put on flickr, but I don’t think I will upload them here. Just because it’s way too much gigabytes and I’m bad at choosing. But I really want to share the link to the set on flickr.

Also, I’ve edited some ‘bad’ pictures and tried to make them more interesting. They maybe are ‘over-photoshopped’, but at least they’re not boring anymore. Here they are! And I also made them for sale at my Society6 account. Not that they’re superawesome, I know I can do better, but I think I like them for some reason. Just because they’re something different than what I’m used to make.

available at society6

available at society6

available at society6


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